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Seasonal Stories & Poems
A collection of flash fiction Christmas stories." Each story also available as a miniature book Christmas tree ornament.

The Harvest: Christmas Eve provides a special lessen when a family is stranded during a snowstorm.

Lamplight: When the electricity goes out, Zelda lights the lamp and illuminates the error of her ways.

Christmas Is For The Kids: Cindy and Eric are struggling through their first Christmas without children in the house. Eric finds a solution that helps not only them, but others as well.

The Visitor: Bright lights, expensive gifts and a fancy meal isn’t what Christmas is about. Something else is much more important.

Poinsettia: When a young girl befriends an “old” lady, she finds more than a career choice. She learns a valuable Christmas lesson.

Christmas @ Heart: An old woman is all alone at Christmas except for her computer; but people don’t send emails on Christmas – do they?

Christmas On The Farm: For the farmer, Christmas is like any other day. Animals must be fed and cared for. Still, Christmas surprises can occur anywhere.

Fanciful Christmas: On the planet of Nadeje, life is different from Earth, but they haven’t forgotten their Christmas roots.

In The Twilight: When a woman has a stroke, she is limited by her negative outlook. She has a Christmas revelation that changes her mind.

Tropical Christmas: A vacation to a tropical island for Christmas reminds a family what the holiday is about.

The Brightest Lights: A Christmas light contest gets out of hand and threatens a friendship.

Under The Mistletoe: A father is missing during WWI, but the family is determined to make Christmas happy.

A Warm Christmas: A family decides to have a family Christmas get-together where it is warm – in the Arizona desert. Everything doesn’t work out quite like they expected.